011. 2016 Tour Reflections

Written October 10, 2016 by Jamie Rogers

To all the fans who we’ve met – who have shared their love of this band with such bold enthusiasm; who sat in line with us for hours; who sprinted to the front of shows and festivals; and who opened up their hearts and personal anecdotes to our film – our sincerest and deepest thanks. I began this year with the goal of following my favorite band to as many tour dates as possible, and now, back in Los Angeles with this journey behind me – I sit here having made countless friends, with hours of interviews and footage, and ready to continue to create a film that captures Radiohead fan culture in as thoughtful and whole way as I possibly can. This band means so much more to so many people than I think any one individual can realize, and I am so proud to have the privilege of sharing this passion with you all.

Austin City Limits felt like some type of surrealist dream. Fans we’d met in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles, and beyond, all gathered together at the front rail of the stage – exchanging stories, sharing food and water, and waiting patiently for the last show of the tour. It felt like a weirdly final goodbye, as we introduced friends to friends and gathered our strength for Austin’s incessant heat – but I find comfort in the fact that a tour announcement for next year is just a matter of time. And seeing the band play one last time, and standing there with some of my nearest and dearest friends was something I’ll never forget.

In terms of tour highlights – Los Angeles Night 2 at the Shrine Auditorium remains my favorite show of all. The crowd energy was about the same as we encountered at any other American headlining shows – but their playing “Like Spinning Plates” and “Lucky” were so incredibly important to me. “Lucky” is a song I lean on in difficult times; and I will absolutely never forget when Thom walked away from the piano after playing “Pyramid Song” – and then abruptly walked back. I looked around at the strangers seated next to me and behind me, and we were all filled with shock and anticipation. And then he played the piano riff of “Like Spinning Plates” – and the inner peace and awe of that moment was indescribable.

But in terms of general crowd energy, overall setlists, passion and excitement – Mexico City was mind-blowing. You think you’ve felt love for a band – you think the love that you feel could potentially be the strongest – and then you are placed in a room where every single person around you is belting the lyrics. Every single person is experiencing a cathartic euphoria. You can hear it in their voices, feel it in their movements, and see it on their faces if you take a moment to look away. It was something so special. I recommend to all Radiohead fans to add that city to their “tour bucket list” immediately – which I know many of you have.

In closing – I hope that next year’s tour is bigger and covers more ground than this year. Mexico left me craving more of a dual show and culture driven experience, and the opportunity to go to the U.K., France and Japan, as well as maybe Italy, I think would be truly incredible, and has become our new goal. Deepest thanks to all the fans who have followed along with us and continue to follow; who have said hi after recognizing our Instagram; and who have greeted us with openness and love. Until next year!