001. Jamie's Story

August 9, 2008

It was the summer before my junior year of high school. I was 15.

My uncle would buy me a ticket to a concert every summer, and that year he bought us tickets to one day of the All Points West Music Festival in New Jersey, where Radiohead was headlining. I'd heard of Radiohead—no one could avoid "Creep" or "Karma Police"—and respected their music, but I was just a casual fan. That is, until I experienced them live.

The only way I can describe it is like a light switch turned on inside me. I found this missing piece, this part of myself I didn't know I had lost. During that show, I felt peace, almost weightlessness. It was a singular feeling and experience – and I still can't compare it to anything else. I was hooked.

I listened to Radiohead exclusively for two months afterwards—exploring their discography, re-watching videos I took at the show—in an effort to re-live that moment, those feelings. As someone who has been passionate about music all my life, I knew this was the most immediate and robust connection I'd ever felt with a band.

In 2012, when they announced their The King of Limbs tour, I got tickets to two shows: Dallas, TX and Newark, NJ. While in line for the standing room, I overheard a woman say she had seen Radiohead 23 times. That's where my dream began. I knew I wanted to be a diehard fan like her.

Four years later, I've found myself in the lucky and incredibly privileged position of actually being able to live my dream. I started setting money aside once Radiohead announced LP9 (a new album), and by the time they had announced the tour, I had saved over $3,000.

After a week of intense strategy—namely assistance from friends and co-workers—and relentless determination, I sit here today with 10 Radiohead show and festival tickets. I will be seeing my favorite band in the world in three different countries and seven different cities this year. As a fan, I am beyond excited, but I feel the need to share this with the rest of the fan community. I decided I want to use my skills as a filmmaker to channel my passions for documentary and Radiohead. I want to make a film that will chronicle this experience as well as profile other individuals who feel a similar connection with this group.

Where I End And You Begin... will be a documentary love letter to Radiohead and an exploration of music's unspoken power in connecting people from all walks of life into a single community. Let's create something amazing together.

Hope to see you on tour!


Video by Jamie Rogers, 2008