002. Aneela's Story

Aneela Wallace
42 years old
Admin of You and Thom's Army
Radiohead fan since
OK Computer

There are few things that can rival the euphoria of falling in love, of feeling understood and of feeling a sense of belonging and a connection — but this is what the music of Radiohead does to not only myself, but dare I say, to thousands, if not millions of people around the world.

I'd first been introduced to the sounds of these mystical musicians in between OK Computer and the arrival of Kid A by the keyboard player in my band. I was the lead singer.

Fast forward to my band breaking up, etc., and life happening. My moving, and getting into a circle of friends where no one was into Radiohead (or any secular band) — so their music took a back seat.

Recently — I moved to a new state due to having to help care for a dying relative, for a period of time which has now ended. I recall one day looking into the fading eyes of the person before me who was awake, yet not awake. Who was alive, yet not even there in the room. Out of her mind, absent and yet somehow peaceful. Old yet somehow young in spirit, because of the stories she was reliving in her dream-state, recounting days of her youth.

In that moment I remembered a song by my other favorite band Depeche Mode called "Blasphemous Rumours." It made me ponder things I didn't want to. I wasn't blaming God or angry for what was happening before my very eyes but these thoughts were like a jigsaw falling into place. Sometimes things like these never really make sense, but they happen for a reason.

I decided also to seek some solace in music that had once filled my heart and mind with hope and beauty. I took down some of my unopened moving boxes and looked around until I found my Kid A. From the opening lines of "Everything In Its Right Place," to the closing line of "I will see you in the next life* from "Motion Picture Soundtrack,” the album gave me comfort like nothing else could.

You can also imagine a steady stream and flood of tears as all throughout listening to Kid A again with this emotional backdrop. I thought of my own mortality and fragility.

After those moments had passed and gone and I was no longer in limbo, I proceeded to seek out and absorb everything Radiohead that I could. Where I had moved to (and still am), there was no one around me that shared my love of the band, and so I did what anyone would. I went on the internet and used my Facebook.

I joined several groups in an attempt to connect with and talk to other people who felt the way I did about this entity that was consuming my soul and calling me to follow them around once more.

My reward was learning that the band were hot and heavy into the creation of a new album and a possible tour to follow. I had come back just at the right time!

I eventually felt the need to create my own group settling on the name "You and Thom's Army," where I, along with all the members collated the latest news on the band while we awaited the arrival of what was called “LP9” — later to be rechristened “AMSP" or A Moon Shaped Pool.

The group is now part of the history of daily speculations and discussions about the album. In Thom's Army we even shared ticket buying triumphs and failures with each other, "high-fiving" some, and sending virtual hugs to others who had failed in the quest and those who don't even have a chance at seeing the band on the limited 2016 tour dates.

I hope to some day meet the band and just see their smiles in person! But for now — I’m excited to connect with Jamie on her super fabulous tour, trekking on Thom Yorke’s birthday to the Austin City Limits Music Festival on October 7. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t “rain down, rain down —no don’t —rain down on me” at the rails!

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